Execution & Consensus Client Bootnodes

Some options re:bare metal–certainly not an exhaustive list (excluded Equinix given it’s a US co)

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We are launching Frankfurt this week as our second location in the Europe region!


Feel free to check us out and our locations, Global regions to deploy dedicated servers and custom projects - Latitude.sh

Lots of options in South America that can address your geographical exposure concern

If you are looking for a particular region, let me know, and I can probably give you some guidance


Does anyone know who are the maintainers of the eth2-networks repo? I want to get my PR merged that adds the IP and location information of the mainnet bootnodes: Adding IP and location information to mainnet bootnodes.

As of today, the IP and location information of all consensus mainnet bootnodes are available here as my PR got finally merged.

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I am trying to run a fork of ETH using the same architecture. How do I make P2P connections? It seems I can’t connect two beacon nodes together without one or both of them having issues.

How does the P2P connection work in this current architecture?

ethereum/devp2p: Ethereum peer-to-peer networking specifications (github.com)

I’d like to see dual-stack v4/v6 bootnodes on both CL and EL. IPv6 is useful to solo stakers in the global south (as well increasingly in EMEA and AMERS), because CGNAT keeps them from opening peering ports: They rely on the “charity of strangers” to detect peers.

Current v6 testing as well as user onboarding is hindered by there not being bootnodes. Lighthouse and Lodestar support v6, as well as Besu afaik. Having at least a few dual-stack nodes would allow ethstaker and other orgs to start seriously testing client v6 support and assist users.

Living document for v6 client support: https://eth-docker.net/Support/ipv6#which-clients

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