Finality gadget for Ethereum1x Working Group (looking for the leader)


This is to discuss the idea of launching this working group, and also for people who are interested in working on this to check in.
Note that the group has not formed yet, but I expect it to happen fairly soon.

Now the videos are up, here is my short kick-off presentation
And here are the slides:

We are currently looking for a leader to form this working group.

For a Working Group to be active and successful, it needs a leader who properly dedicates time to the work (ideally full-time, but at least 50% time I would say), and then perhaps some more dedicated people.
To preempt the questions about funding, I would say that if we found a suitable leader (not necessarily an expert in beacon chain) initially, and perhaps some more people to help out, a decent funding would be provided.

Other working groups would participate in work reviews (we will be regularly talking to each other and review each other’s work, as it is necessary to come up with consistent roadmaps), and if a group becomes inactive, we should fold the group (with funding going away obviously), and allow a new group to form.

If you want, please DM me (or post here if you are comfortable with it), how much of your time you would dedicate to the group (provided that this time will be paid), and how confident you are about becoming the leader.