Fixed fees aren't that bad


Why can’t tx fees be determined from a % of the amount of ETH being transacted, regardless of the USD price of ETH?

For example, if I am sending 1 ETH and if the tx fee is 0.001% then the fee would be 0.00001 ETH. And if I am sending 1000 ETH, then the fee would be 0.01 ETH. Not only is this technically logical, it is also impartial to fiat value as the sender will only incur 0.001% fee for whatever the amount being transacted in whatever denomination he chooses, thus practically fair.

And that % can be determined from factors like your memory storage space example and this adjusts automatically on its own to future expansion and contraction, for example a sudden increase of storage space or sudden reduction of the same for whatever the reason be it due to nano tech or nuclear fallout.


A transaction has a fixed cost to the network, the fact that there are 3 more or less zeroes will not cost more compute power.

  1. Fees like that can be trivially circumvented by putting the ETH into a wrapper contract and trading an ERC20 token which is backed by the ETH
  2. Many kinds of transactions don’t even involve sending ETH at all; how to value those?


Don’t all transactions involve ETH in gas?