Flashbots: Frontrunning the MEV crisis

How do people feel about the existence of private mempools like taichi.network? If you had to take a position, would you support or oppose them?

On one hand, they feel a bit shady to me, perhaps because they move toward a two-tier network where some people have an unfair advantage over others. One might counter that the service is available to anyone who is willing to pay for it, but it still doesn’t feel very good.

On the other hand, they provide a valuable service by solving a problem (frontrunning) for users.

Anyone can send private tx via taichi.network, it’s free to use, bro. You do not need to pay for it.

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Ah, that is good. Still, the vast majority of users are not technically sophisticated enough to use it.

It’s just as easy as add a custom RPC node in metamask.