Handshake / Decentralized DNS Meetup @Devcon4

I’d like to get a Devcon4 Handshake / Decentralized DNS dinner/lunch get together going in Prague, for those of us hacking something on Handshake + Decentralized DNS. You should have some HNS coins and a hacking plan in progress to contribute to decentralized DNS / decentralized web, where the goal is to coordinate open source ideas together (e.g. here is my handshake.org site, Plasma chain treating domains as NFTs, etc., but no name squatter type people please). If there are more than 10 people voting I will post an Eventbrite link.

  • November 1st 7pm-9pm dinner
  • November 2nd 7pm-9pm dinner
  • November 3rd 11am-1pm lunch

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