How does eth 2.0 combat centralized staking pools taking over the network?

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I think it is a significant threat. At the moment, IMO if you count the end parties (whales, staking services, etc) the real decentralization level of ETH2 is around 100 in terms of players that matter.

100 important players is probably enough of decentralization. The question is what is going to happen when money gets overconcentrated into token-based services (like aeth or steth)

At SKALE we have several ideas how to counter this, since we may have a similar problem in our network.

One way is to amend GPL to limit the amount of stake any party can validate (we call it DGPL)

Another way (more radical) is to FORCE disclosure of end beneficiaries of large stakes, and limit the max stake per beneficiary (this can be done through DGPL too).