Issues In Transferring EC-20 Token TheDAO From MultiSig To Regular Address

Hello. I am experiencing difficulties in sending multi-sig contract TheDAO tokens from multisig to my regular address in order to eventually converting them into Ether. The multi-signature address where the tokens are located is: 0x2cab63e02D5b490E5f4a5D1B0D5189420EA54b2D.

The two addresses that are owners of the multi-sig are (which are also my own addresses):

  1. 0xEAfa188Ac12e331B52E585eA6298F8138E23C0E6 (Contract Creator)

  2. 0x5FC3F73076D371Fa4687a0e98a59675B7F24819E

I have tried several attempts and methods, but they all fail.

Please send me step by step information how I should send the EC-20 TheDAO tokens via either regular Ethereum Wallet or MyEtherWallet. I am willing to donate some Ether to the developer who successfully helps me through this process. Thank you very much.