As for participatory management, I thought the ideas in:

Were both very reasonable. But undertaking these transformations would be very time expensive. But I suppose we could do it.

This one is also good.
In my last org, this copy was distributed to gearup open source model

The transparency of the Foundation is where I see the huge missed opportunity, not on the development side.

I’ve spent a few days diving deep into holacracy not so long ago and read about companies switching back from it. Worth studying why, but still, at least certain elements of it could be useful.

This is an open-source software project with it’s own digital currency. A new kind of organization, which doesn’t only have the opportunity to innovate on the managemet process, but IMO making a mistake if doesn’t. Just think about it, why is the term “open management” virtually nonexistent and still starting to become appropriate now (at least in my mind)?

To add to the reading list. I’m going through this one now:
And this is the next on my list:

@balazs When you have smaller concrete suggestions we’ll be here.

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Alright, so the page of the Foundation should be improved. Can you please point me to the right place/person that can provide me with the needed information for an update?

Well this is the page.

This might be a good start.

What other data do you seek? You can try for getting more info.

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The list of the team members on crunchbase doesn’t seem to be complete. An up-to-date list would be helpful. Is there an overview of the operations avalilable anywhere?

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forwarded this request upward. We can get this.

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