Nested plasma chains (inception)


Is it possible to have nested plasma chains and what are the tradeoffs and factors to consider as you get deeper nesting?

i.e. main chain
|–> p1 -> p2 -> p3

Could you have diagonally nested chains like the following:

main chain
|–> p1 -> p2 -> p3
| |
|———-—> \ —> p4

(Note to use my laptop going forward)


I think the point of plasma is that it is nested, so:

mainnet -> root-contract -> child 1-> children 1.1 & 1.2 - > children 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc

The trick here I guess would be to find a dapp that has some natural partitioning scheme that doesn’t force accounts/datastructures to be locked on child-chains for operations to take place in parent chains.
Or you would have some kind of mask in parent-chain that locks certain adresses, so you then exit child-chain to perform cross-child-chain operations and then re-lock data in sub-chains

edit: as for diagonal operations, perhaps it can speed up some operations in that you could perform an operation on child A relative to state in child B without first going to parent AB


The plasma paper ( talks about nesting plasma chains into a tree, and how withdrawals interact with the tree structure.

It is not clear to me what the diagonal chain means. Is there a plasma root contract running on both p1 and p3? Do headers in p4 get committed to p1 or p3 or both?