Open-source 3D and VR Blockchain Visualizations

Just wanted to make people aware of this open source (GPL v3) project to visualize blockchain transactions in 3D and VR:

It is multi-platform (iOS, Linux, Android, MacOS and Windows), written in C# and Unity. Supports Bitcoin just now, and Ethereum ERC-20 flows are planned. It is a fun way to visualize flows of data around a graph, especially in VR (Cardboard supported just now, others on the roadmap).

Always keen to hear feedback and from any interested buidlers who’d like to contribute.


Neat project! New ways to visualize blockchain activity will certainly help in the design efforts. I know Vlad and co at ETHBerlin had a crude but very useful 2D visualization for a sharding proof of concept they made. It was very useful to visualize what they were presenting. A multiple-chain sharding visualization would be very cool, as would a visualization with check pointing for POS.

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Thanks Bryant very useful feedback. I need to do some more research into POS and sharding. Do you know if there are slides or a video of the Eth Berlin material you speak of?

Videos should be coming out soon. It basically looked like 3 chains marching in parallel, with some light yellow lines showing how they were trying together at the head. There was blue for regular blocks and red for checkpoint blocks I believe. It also showed a bit of the uncle’s growing off the side of they chains, and the chain would meander a bit to show that different validators we’re making choices.

Graphics make everything more understandable!

Thanks Bryant I’ll look out for that