Plasma Debit: Arbitrary-denomination payments in Plasma Cash



Not sure if I fully understood your question, could you rephrase?

The main difference here is that each coin can be considered as a payment channel between the operator and the owner of the coin


Hi @danrobinson,
Thanks for the proposal. Just wondering if instead of having the operator provide liquidity, we have an new type of ‘empty’ deposit where a new token is created on root and plasma chain, with a=0 and v=(some defined max value). So, that we allow recipient users to potentially receive transaction in plasma, for a generalized value transfer network?


For each slot, v needs to be the total amount deposited into that slot on-chain (otherwise, if you received that token with some positive a and then tried to withdraw it, what money would you receive? The Plasma chain would be operating at a fractional reserve). So this would require the operator to deposit that amount of liquidity into that token, so it doesn’t get around the requirement that the operator provide liquidity.