Proposal: Change Ether currency symbol from Ξ to ⧫

The lozenge symbol makes me feel like we are in a video game. I love it :slight_smile: .
As pointed by @djrtwo it is important for it be easy to handwrite.
I looked at my handwriting speed for different symbols:

€: 64 symbol/min
$: 49 symbol/min
Ξ: 50 symbol/min
⬨: 42 symbol/min
⧫: 19 symbol/min

The ⬨ is slightly slower to draw than the Ξ, but the ⧫ is impractical.
So why not ⬨, but I would not go for ⧫.

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It’s unclear to me that it needs to be an easily writeable symbol. Sure, some people will want to write it, but the vast majority will be typing it and looking at it on a screen. Ergo, if there’s a substantially more pleasant design that is harder to write, I personally would still favour it.

The most obvious designs are something like:


Of these, I vote for (1) or (2). I downvote (3) because it looks jumbled when rendered small.

Between (1) and (2), I vote for (2) simply for being more distinctive and more closely resembling the actual logo, but I’m open to changing my mind. I would suggest rendering each one within text and just see how it looks.

If we decide on one we like, I am open to doing the work with the Unicode consortium to get the glyph added.

To move this forward aiming to include ETHER as currency symbol added to Unicode Standard:

  1. We need to decide on ETHER symbol

IMO, Ethereum logo, looks nothing like a currency symbol, we could have ETHER Symbol as separate something from Ethereum Logo, currently we’re using Ξ Greek uppercase Xi character apparently didn’t get traction, why? I guess because it doesn’t look like a currency symbol!

If I had the required designed skills -which I don’t-, I would create/propose a new symbol for Ether that does look like Currency Symbol and ideally incorporating the current symbol Ξ someway how and upgrade Ξ rebranding …

I suspect there are numerous causes behind Ξ not being adopted. My personal guess is that it’s not obvious that Ξ means Ethereum. So I wanted to use the straight-up ethereum logo to make it super obvious. This may be overkill, but given how simple the Ethereum logo is, and without any other obvious contenders, the current logo is what I suggest.

How about making the current symbol like a more traditional currency symbol? I think making the symbol easy to write is important.

edit: third option could be a straight line through the middle?


Right, Etherum logo super obvious to us, …

If we stop 100 people and ask what this __ symbol stands for:

£ , ¥ , ֏ , ฿ , , , , , or

They may know or may not know what this symbol stands for, but don’t you agree a decent % would assume it’s some sort of Currency?

doing the same exercise about these symbols Ξ , ,
it’s a binary answer they know it (as Ether) or not, and if they don’t they wouldn’t assume it’s a currency even telling someone for the first time this is a currency called Ether, I can see many saying sort “a currency really”?

What I wish for: a currency symbol for Ether that intuitively would let people assume it’s a currency (even if never heard of Ethereum before) then adding it to Unicode and eventually with adoption and use, enforcing the currency aspect of Ether


I like where you’re going with this… @ChainSafe

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Thanks @drhus :slight_smile:. Which one do you like more? I personally like the first one (one line).

I am cool with this ⧫, and I also prefer without that currency stripes.
Ether is more then a currency, is the gas of the global computer.

This conversation is very specific. There will be thousands of currencies and tokens for users to keep track of, to write on paper, to type in, to read about. How about solving the general problem of reading, typing, and writing what cryptocurrecy or cryptotoken a number is denominated in?

I would argue that Ξ , ⬨ , ⧫ are all cute but inappropriate for business use. Difficult to type, difficult to read.

Difficult for new people to understand.

Easy to mess up. We don’t want someone to read ⬨5 when they were supposed to read ⬫5.

Capitalizing readable, but short words for the currencies and tokens is a better way. Much like airports, the context conveys to the reader what is going on and the flow is better reading and reading aloud.

“Please send me 5 ETH, I’ll need it before I fly out of JFK.”

Thinking about this a bit more, I may have gone too far from convention.

People do like to write and type $5. Perhaps there can be a universal symbol for cryptocurrencies, prefixed with the capital letters. I will use a # in the example below, but it would be nice if there were a symbol that could be universally recognized, and would end up on keyboards.

US $5.00
ETH #5.00
BTC #0.05
ETH :money_mouth_face:5.00

I think specifying the symbol, abbreviation, preferred way of displaying amounts and the units (wei, finney, etc.) would qualify for a proper ERC.

It could also propose this new symbol.

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what’s the status on this? quickly threw together a concept…anyone’s free to riff on it…
ethereum concept

Or maybe this… just for fun…
Derived from Ξ, but with continuous drawing without lifting. Allows more room for artistic calligraphy. Quicker writing may be possible.


Update (Oct 6, 2020):
Slight refinement for aesthetic value and also a minor display of caligraphic potential. Continuous single stroke that also observes the natural grid of magic that symbolizes totality and completion. Hope the Ethereum community likes it.


Imho, here are the currency symbols we should use for ETH and ETC. These symbols are simple and easy to comprehend. These cryptos are mainstays at this point, they add real value and should have good simple currency symbols. These are two great currency symbols that should be adopted ASAP.


How about this. The symbol fulfills three important criteria; it looks like:

  1. the Ethereum logo,
  2. an upper-case E,
  3. and a currency symbol.

Fitting for a triple point asset.

Ethereum Currency Symbol.pdf (5.9 KB)

Ethereum Currency Symbol

I think the ETC below makes sense. I I want to write a currency or envision it in my mind, I’d want to either write it all in one drop (without taking my pen off the paper - IOG) or in 2 or a maximum of 3. Anything above 3 drops is not generally rational (in general, as a currency).

So, I like these, and they look like currencies.
But the lower case e is the cutest, and will stick to the mind easily. @musajoemo

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Should we arrange a poll and discussion phase on r/ethereum?

Step 1. Announce a request for proposals within X weeks. It would be desirable to reach designers that do not frequent
Step 2. Have an open poll among the members
Step 3. No commitment concerning using the poll winner, but rather a further discussion, sending a summary to the foundation?

Personally I believe we should just stick with the original. The Ξ has already been widely accepted and adopted. That could be one reason why this post has been abandoned for over a year until last week.


I guess you are right actually.