Proposal: Change Ether currency symbol from Ξ to ⧫

what’s the status on this? quickly threw together a concept…anyone’s free to riff on it…
ethereum concept

Or maybe this… just for fun…
Derived from Ξ, but with continuous drawing without lifting. Allows more room for artistic calligraphy. Quicker writing may be possible.


Update (Oct 6, 2020):
Slight refinement for aesthetic value and also a minor display of caligraphic potential. Continuous single stroke that also observes the natural grid of magic that symbolizes totality and completion. Hope the Ethereum community likes it.


Imho, here are the currency symbols we should use for ETH and ETC. These symbols are simple and easy to comprehend. These cryptos are mainstays at this point, they add real value and should have good simple currency symbols. These are two great currency symbols that should be adopted ASAP.


How about this. The symbol fulfills three important criteria; it looks like:

  1. the Ethereum logo,
  2. an upper-case E,
  3. and a currency symbol.

Fitting for a triple point asset.

Ethereum Currency Symbol.pdf (5.9 KB)

Ethereum Currency Symbol

I think the ETC below makes sense. I I want to write a currency or envision it in my mind, I’d want to either write it all in one drop (without taking my pen off the paper - IOG) or in 2 or a maximum of 3. Anything above 3 drops is not generally rational (in general, as a currency).

So, I like these, and they look like currencies.
But the lower case e is the cutest, and will stick to the mind easily. @musajoemo

Should we arrange a poll and discussion phase on r/ethereum?

Step 1. Announce a request for proposals within X weeks. It would be desirable to reach designers that do not frequent
Step 2. Have an open poll among the members
Step 3. No commitment concerning using the poll winner, but rather a further discussion, sending a summary to the foundation?

Personally I believe we should just stick with the original. The Ξ has already been widely accepted and adopted. That could be one reason why this post has been abandoned for over a year until last week.

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I guess you are right actually.

While we’re on this type of topic, what do y’all think about some sort of cute official mascot? I’m thinking a cute animal, kinda like what Linux did with Tux the Penguin. For all its fault Dogecoin saw a lot of widespread adoption because it had a cute mascot. I think it’s especially important for Ethereum, because to the average person it’s often viewed as the most complex and least accessible of the major blockchains.

We have Leslie the rhino, name after the American computer scientist Leslie Lamport.
Rhinos are maybe not cute for everybody but they are are mythical animals like unicorns.
I don’t know if Leslie is the mascot only for the launchpad.