Seems like my post about Holochain was deleted


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Your original post was considered off-topic and marked as spam.


Who decides what gets deleted? it would be funny and ironic if in the Ethereum research forum, there is a central authority, censoring posts.


There’s a list of admins, identified by the shield.

The.admins delete a few spam posts per week. Requiring GitHub accounts keeps most of it out.

The bulletin board optimizes for research productivity. If you want censorship resistance, you’re looking for Ethereum itself. will never allow itself to degrade into a generic discussion forum. Repeated posts with a low signal-noise ratio will get a warning. If someone’s posts continue to have low signal/noise, even if unintentional, ze will be banned.


This is contradictory. I wonder why censorship-resistant and decentralization are desired features in some scenarios but not in others. Your comment gives the impression that what is aimed with Ethereum and block-chain, in general, is some sort of utopia that will never be achieved and therefore not applicable to this forum.

Rather than having authorities one could imagine a consensus-based rating of the posts. “Leaders” despite their sincere good intentions are humans anyway, and therefore subjects to bias.

Finally, you said:

You talk about the forum as if it is an entity by itself and also as if your opinion represents the forum itself (maybe this is written somewhere?). I believe that you are honestly convinced that this type of system is the best, that the admins in some way know better than the rest of the people, but that is exactly what all dictators believe about their own doings.

Btw, who selects the admins?


Admins are EF employees.


Well, I did found this forum. I also do the technical upgrades. I actually also pay from my own pocket the various fees associated with it. And yes, is an entity on its own—it’s not part of or paid for by EF.

Some systems try to minimize the risk of tyranny, and this is a fine thing to do. But with this forum, I personally am trying to minimize the risk of unproductivity. If you feel the risk of tyranny is too great—by all means go for it and move to another forum.


I agree with @virgil . This forum is not a public utility, and it is not the property of the EF either. It should be treated as a personal property of whoever pays the fees. No one is entitled to free speech on virgil’s forum the same way no one is entitled to use any other private forum. Anyone is free to create, and pay for, an alternative eth research forum and implement their own moderation policy. This forum is not special in any way whatsoever.