Solidity AI demo

A demo of first-ever AI-enabled in a Solidity smart contract running on ETH side chain. An image is being uploaded into a decentralized social network running on a blockchain. Once the image is uploaded into the blockchain file storage, a precompiled SmartContract analyzes it using Resnet50 neural network, and rejects it if it contains an image of a cat.


Exciting. Wondering how much gas was spent by the call? And what size the image has?

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Very promising. I have the same questions, how expensive is this operation?

seems one way to filter out illegal information, but too expensive I guess

Thank you guys - the operation is not expensive. It is the same order of magnitude as crypto algorithms (e.g. ECDSA signature verification) . We did not decide on the gas value yet, but we are able to do several hundred AI predictions per second in EVM …

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interesting, what about the transaction size and parameter size for the AI model?

This is awesome! :slight_smile:

What kind of sidechain are you using?

Interesting:laughing:,want more detail

Is the image processing off chain? It certainly cannot be on chain. Did you use a their party server to delegate the expensive computation?

Yep - in our case image processing is precompiled smartcontract on chain.

We are using SKALE chains.