Some problem about private key

1 Is there any solution when private key is lost in Ethereum or Bitcoin?
2 Can I use the algorithm, which can bind biometric and key, to solve this problem?
3 Why don’t Ethereum/Bitcoin use it?

M of N multisig is a good solution to one or few keys compromise|loss.

Could u give an example of fuzzy extractor, github repo?

It’s an admin/app level, not system/consensus.

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TEE enclaves, MPC (in particular threshold multi-signatures), and very recently Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/416 - Cryptocurrencies with Security Policies and Two-Factor Authentication

The biometric approach is technically sound, but may raise a different set of practical concerns compared to existing solutions. For example, the approach needs some hardware that reads biometrics, and software that invokes the API of such hardware. One needs to trust the hardware manufacturer and deal with possible backdoors and unauthorised storage of biometrics in the software and the corresponding server.

There indeed exist wallets using biometrics. For example, D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet - Keep your cryptocurrency secure with your biometrics.