Survey on dApps and smart contracts trust formation

Hi, everybody! We are researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In our research project, we investigate the formation of trust in the context of decentralized applications (dApps). As a first step, we are currently conducting a pilot survey.

With the survey we hope to collect data that helps us understand what makes users trust dApps. Please take ~7 min to fill it out and share it with others! The more responses, the more representative the data.

It is very important to us to capture the community’s opinion on this topic. Also, we would like to mirror back our insights to you and thus contribute to a greater adoption of dApps.

After the survey, three participants are randomly selected in a lottery and get 25€ worth of Ether on the Ethereum Main Net. The lottery is done in a smart contract (Kovan address: 0x…) and therefore completely fair and transparent.

To conduct the survey we have developed our own dApp that uses the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the integrity of survey results and a fair price payout (you can find further information by clicking the link to our website below and going to the about page). We plan to make this tool available to the community later. Then everybody will be able create and conduct their own surveys with the dApp.

How to participate in the survey: You need MetaMask and some Kovan Ether to participate.

  1. Login to MetaMask, select the Kovan Test Net, and select an account. Note that the 25€ reward will be paid out to this address on the Ethereum Main Net if you win in the lottery.

  2. Go to SurveyApp. Use the buttons on the left to claim our free ERC-20 survey token and register it afterwards. Then click the start button and follow the three steps.

  3. Now you can answer the questionnaire. Don’t forget to submit in the end! A transaction is required for the submission because we write your address to a smart contract so that you can participate in the lottery.

The survey will close on 8 June 2021, 4pm CEST. Afterwards, you can check out the results page of our website to find out if you won in the lottery.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free ask. Feedback is also welcome! Thank you very much in advance!

Thank you very much for your interest.

We have noticed that many users did not participate in the survey. Since the community’s opinon is very important to us, we would like to understand the reasons behind that.

Does the offer seem untrustworthy? Or did you have technical difficulties?
We would be very thankful if you could share your reasons in a comment. Thank you in advance!