Telegram group for Eth1x Stateless Client

I’ve got a telegram group setup for the Eth1x stateless client effort. Please reach out if you’d like to be added.

Add me in pls @konstantinkladko

@afdudley please and thank you.


Thanks :smile:

I would like to be included in the Telegram Group, @hugo_dc.


@josephdelong pls ty

Please consider me in @OxAshish

Could you add me as well? @dmazur

Can you please add me too: @farazdagi

Can you add me too? @GuthL

Can you add met too? @vaibhavchellani


@martinlundfall thanks!

Can you add me please?@charax93

Add me in please @poojaranjan19. Thanks!

Hello, could you add me to the group? @srdiego


@ashwinr14 thanks!


@leekt please :slight_smile:

Can you add @timjp thanks.

At some point can we pull discussion back to these forums? Or at least make occasional summaries here? There is a huge amount of important discussion there that is difficult to catch up on, follow, or archive in a chat format.


@gcolvin yes, absolutely. I recently made as a place for us to start building a common knowledge base and collaborate on specifications. There isn’t anything there now, but I’m expecting us to start populating that repository sometime in the next 1-2 months.

I think this is a good topic for our next call.