Transaction throughput under Shasper

Hi all,

I’ve been diving into the Shasper spec and have been crunching some numbers on what it will mean for network throughput. I’m looking for some input on my calculations as well as a question I have on block gas limit.

Here is what I have right now. Everything on the “current chain” section are real numbers with no assumptions.

Value Current Chain Shasper
shards 1 1024
block(slot) time 14.5 8
blocks/minute 4.1 7680
blocks/day 5,959 11,059,200
blocks/year 2,174,896 4,036,608,000
block gas limit 8,000,000 8,000,000*
daily gas cap 47,668,965,517 88,473,600,000,000
avg gas/tx 76,364 76,364
tx/day cap 624,237 1,158,582,857
tx/min 434 804,571
tx/sec 7.2 13,410

My main question revolves around block gas limit. What are the thoughts on how much this can increase under Shasper? I’m currently keeping the assumption at the same limit but assume this can go way up.

Any feedback is appreciated!


I’d say keep it at 8M. Realistically, it will go up because of EWASM but then the costs of many operations will also go up, so you’ll be able to do more computation within a block in some cases and the same amount in other cases (and still other things will get more expensive, particularly mass storage access).


What are your thoughts on accounting for cross shard tx in this? Should I just assume x% of tx will be cross shard? 30k gas for those?

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