Why we need confirmation signatures in Plasma MVP?

Hi there,

I’m a newbie here. After reading Minimal Viable Plasma, i am wondering about the confirmation signatures.

User Behavior
The process for sending a Plasma coin to someone else is as follows:

  1. Ask them for their address.
  2. Send a transaction that sends some of your UTXOs to their address.
  3. Wait for it to get confirmed in a block.
  4. Send them a confirm message, signed with the keys that you use for each of > your UTXO inputs.

I couldn’t figure out why we need the step 4, what possible problems can it solve.?


I had the same question too. I think the following thread is very helpful for understanding confirm sig.


Yes, the post which @m0t0k1ch1 linked to should help you, especially this comment, it answers your question in a very clear, easy to understand way.

For future references, basic and technical questions are more suitable for StackExchange. Ethresear.ch is more about research ideas, results and related discussions. Don’t worry, I was making the same mistake, until someone explained this to me. :slight_smile:


That’s very helpful! Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your pointing out the comment which i should pay attention to and your advice!


You’re more than welcome. :slight_smile: