A Blockchain hub to reduce economic inequality in Mexico

Economic inequality in third-world countries is directly related to the lack of opportunities to carry out projects to reality.

The Internet has made it possible to democratize learning in some way, however, if the projects that arise from learning are not funded, they will only be ideas.

Following the historical example of communities such as silicon valley and crypto valley, their success was due to a successful collaboration between: government, universities, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Information and learning are transmitted in each bar or cafe where friends and colleagues meet at the end of their work and university hours.

Following this precedent, developing a Technology Hub in a small city in Mexico with several universities could allow Spanish-speaking users to learn to code blockchain and surround themselves with entrepreneurs and investors a few meters away.

The result would not only be the attraction of talent in the area, but an economic trigger for the area.

To achieve this, it would be necessary to have the support of foundations in the sector such as web3, ethereum and others, as well as a small crowdfunding campaign to buy an office, computers, and people willing to translate existing courses into Spanish or design others from scratch.

Do you think that any community like ethereum and blockchain foundations could be interested in financing this project?

I think translation to other languages of learning material is super important. Have you seen Inicio | ethereum.org ?

I am not sure where the gaps appear in the translated material. What kind of stuff do you think would be useful to translate?

Hi Barry, I’ve been checking the Spanish translation of ethereum.org

On this page, only the home page is translated into Spanish, and perhaps 2 or 3 more pages of the general menus of the activities that can be done.

However, when you enter sections such as: Learn to develop in ethereum, learn with tutorials, start experimenting, etc. The other pages are in English.

The tutorial page and learning to develop in ethereum would be very important to be able to translate them into Spanish.

Now, I don’t know if there is currently a website or application to learn the basics of ethereum as “duolinguo”, I mean, a basic way for anyone without experience to learn the basics. It would be interesting to have more didactic material both in Spanish and other languages.

Do you think the foundation supports these types of projects economically?

I am not sure. Think you can ask translation questions https://discord.gg/6WX7E97 more details Translation Program | ethereum.org

Barry, thanks for the information and for your help.

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@hectorestradamx, I work with the Ethereum Foundation on ecosystem development and am keen to hear more about your ideas :). Let’s chat. Feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Hi Steven, thank you.

I sent you a DM on Twitter.