A simple temporary solution to the gas token abuse for the next HF


Rent-based solutions are likely to be complex to implement and adopt, whatever the details. A simple temporary solution could be adopted in the next hard fork.
Gas token transports the refund part of the gas fee for storage/contract deletion from the past -> storing the gas price. The simplest possible solution is to implement it directly.
Empirically, the main gas price without congestion appears to be 1 gwei. Therefore the refund gas price should be frozen at 1 gwei.

Eg. sstore for a new location takes 20k GAS. 15k GAS can be later refunded. Therefore, the actual GAS cost during setting should be:
gasCost = 5000*gasPrice+15000*1gwei/gasPrice
and the refund:
refundGas = 15000*1gwei/gasPrice
(gasPrice can be a different variable for two different transactions)

Advantages: the incentive to spam the state storage during low gas prices disappears. Everything else remains at it is.


This works but then you’re talking about a capped refund of 1.5e-05ETH = .6 cents or so. Might as well just set the refunds to 0 since nobody is using them as incentivized anyway, even at current rates.