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This is for academic discussion. If you advertise ICOs here, you will be banned.

As a suggestion to posters, state your real auction goals when participating in discussions (use an anonymous account to participate if your real goals are not your publicly stated goals).

I have attempted to coach many projects on running an ICO in a way that achieves their publicly stated goals, and argued why their stated goals don’t align with their proposed ICO model, only to find out in the process (sometimes by admittance, sometimes by actions) that their real goals for the auction did not align with their publicly stated goals.

This means mention things like, “I require insighting high FOMO” or “must dodge US securities laws”.

I could have been much more helpful (or avoided the discussion is some cases) had I known what to real goals were up front.

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That’s a great tip. Thank You. It is often difficult for founders to fully communicate their entire vision. I know I am finding it difficult and I’m a great communicator. Thankfully there are teams pulling together now to create codes of ethical values that everyone can stand by which will seed out bad eggs. Then every ounce of energy put into ICOs will have an intrinsic value.
Being a part of this community opens up a world of learning for me that will greatly benefit the greater good going forward. This is what ICO’s should be focused on.