Applying LibSubmarine to RANDAO

In previous post, Vitalik went over the manipulability of RANDAO (RNG exploitability analysis assuming pure RANDAO-based main chain and RANDAO beacon exploitability analysis, round 2).

Would applying something like LibSubmarine ( decrease the influence of the last revealer having power over the final random number?

tl;dr Not really.

As of my understanding LibSubmarine could only help in hiding that one is participating in RANDAO at all. With the help of LibSubmarine you can commit to a transaction from a freshly generated Ethereum address A of which you do not know the private key by design. So it is impossible to send another transaction from address A, meaning that in case of applying LibSubmarine to RANDAO you can easily generate a RANDAO-commit transaction from a freshly generated address A , but essentially you can not reveal your RANDAO share since you do not have the corresponding private key of address A, so you can not send another transaction from address A .

Even if somehow you manage to overcome this obstacle the last revealer will always have the power to manipulate the RANDAO output. This is inherent to RANDAO design.