Byzantine tolerant DHT/Kademlia alternative

Stumbled upon this paper today (Raul Kripalani from Protocol Labs shared it on Twitter).

It’s basically a BFT alternative to DHT-based p2p protocols.

It consists of two components: 1) attack-resilient gossip-based protocol and 2) the component that extracts uniformly random node samples from the stream of node IDs gossiped by the protocol.

The authors show that an attacker cannot create a partition between correct nodes, and prove that each node’s sample converges to an independent uniform one over time (no such properties were proven for a gossip protocol in the past).

I’m not a p2p expert and I don’t have time to check the paper in depth now, but it surely looks interesting, so I’m dropping it here hoping that it will be useful to someone, someday… :slight_smile:

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I agree, looks pretty nice! Please go here for sharding specific discussion about this:

Oh, cool, thanks for opening the discussion! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if this can’t be used for sharding (if it’s impossible to query for metadata) but anyway, GossipSub sounds like a good solution to me (again, I’m not an expert :slight_smile:).

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