Can P.o.S. assist distributed computing?

I was wondering if P.o.S. could help secure distributed computing processes? Simulations or MMO’s
I’ve been working on a scaling solution where sidechains behave like multiple threads. So I wanted any feedback to keep that in mind.
I’ve got a hunch right now, but I just want to make sure so I can plan a research trajectory after my solution.

Proof-of-Stake on its own doesn’t provide meaningful scalability benefits (constant blocktimes only provide a small constant-factor improvement at best). Proof-of-Stake side chains aren’t a scaling solution—in fact any side chain with its own separate security pool (i.e., a completely separate consensus protocol) on their own isn’t a scaling solution. A scaling solution needs to be, among other things, scalable and secure. The problem with side chains with their own consensus protocol is that they will be easier to attack than the main chain (i.e., Ethereum).

The proposed solution for ETH 2.0 is to randomly sample from a single security pool—the beacon chain—to drive the consensus protocols of many side chains—the shard chains. You’re welcome to contribute to this effort, or re-invent the wheel with your hunch.

I have a solution for the degrading security at each layer with nested sidechains.
So just for the sake of this discussion let’s assume that nested childchains are fully feasible. (yes, i know, hard to believe, but i’ve got a really good solution… i’m trying to finish up the website now, i’ve written the smart contract i just gotta do the data visualization for the pie chart)

So, if that’s a given. is there anyway that P.o.S. can be used in parallel with a distributed computing process?

That’s literally what sharding is. If you’ve found a way to drive consensus on shard chains without random sampling from a single security pool then by all means publish your work so it can be reviewed.

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I mean general computational tasks. Like running an MMO or physics simulation.

I am trying to launch on ropsten. I’m not the best at writing. A whitepaper (as you can see in my original thread)

All I know is the pie charts have to be fair every layer within nested sidechains.

Fair distribution at every layer like in this illustration

Here’s my amateur white paper.

Is there a Proof of stake sidechain repo I can clone? I tried loomx but it’s proof of authority.