Consensus 101 (BFT consensus from background to PaLa)

Posting here to share a long article I wrote on consensus protocol

It covers background terminology first an briefly touches on history of blockchain consensus. Then in does a deep dive into BFT classical consensus. In particular, it covers PBFT and PaLa. PaLa is, in my opinion, the simplest and most efficient BFT classical consensus protocol. That’s not to say it’s hugely innovative, it really just removes the unnecessary (and inefficient) stuff in prior protocols.

Since blockchain brought new terminology and interest into classical consensus, it’s difficult to collect the relevant pieces of info to paint a coherent picture. I hope this article does a convincing job of clarifying and organizing all this information.

Note this article was sponsored by my former employer. The information is, for the most part, written towards the purpose of explaining relevant information rather than promoting a platform.

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