Continuous Scalability testing for Blockchain Developers

Hello Everyone,

We built a scalability prediction service that allows developers to quickly test and validate scalability improvements using data science sourcing load testing sample. The result is a scalability report with performance insights in just minutes which is tremendously faster than hours/days of raw load tests, manual data cleaning and interpretation.
This is a working product that can be used for Ethereum scalability efforts.

What can it be be used for?

  • Improve the efficiency of clients like as geth & parity.
  • Validate and improve layer 1 scalability implementations like ZK-SNARKs and layer 2 alike.

What do we need?
We initially built it to be integrated in CI/CD pipelines of Cloud applications and helped developers to save weeks of work but we want to extend it for blockchain developers.
For that we need help to improve our willitscale tool to automatically feed load testing samples from ethereum clients and nodes.

Needlessly to say, our data science backend access and advanced features will be free of charge to the ethereum researchers and core developers.

We want to help :muscle: