Crypto/blockchain critique by Ph.D Nicholas Weaver

Some of you may already have watched this lecture of prof. Nicholas Weaver of Berkeley (streamed on 2018.04.20) but I am just posting it here.

Lecture stream on YouTube

It seems important to understand and discuss the criticism of criptoeconomics by apparently educated people.
I am not in complete agreement with many of the statements in this lecture as there are contradictions or emotions but it’s worth to know how some people feel of crypto and public blockchain…

I think it’s largely going to be the more formal, peer reviewed papers that determine the academic consensus on crypto rather than these videos that seem to be focused upon using exaggeration to draw in an audience. There will probably be a focus on tying in the existing literature as well heading forward. One of my professors does a lot of research on bitcoin and takes a much more nuanced view. This is a really interesting working paper he put out earlier this year, and I think you’ll see more and more papers like this being published. Most of them will probably focus on bitcoin for the near future, but I’m sure some will begin to broaden up to other blockchains.