Data Unavailability Unconference @Devcon4


Very interesting. I`ll be there!


I’d like to attend!

I’m interested in the data availability problem in the following contexts:

  • Payment schemes that allow service providers to receive payments once they have generated proofs that some service/computation was executed correctly on some input data. The payer might require the output data, but the service provider can withhold the output data thus creating the data availability problem.
  • zkSNARK based schemes that involve posting a relatively small amount of data on-chain, but require data to be available in order for users to determine if a state transition they requested was actually processed or not.


I’d like to join in. Nathan Ginnever

I’m working on a state-channels hub-and-spoke model where an operator/hub may generate a “payment forwarded” proof on an offline payment receiver’s channel. This should be about the same problem in @yondonfu first bullet point. I’m looking into potentially solving this with bonded challenges to reveal data as is similar to the plasma cash approach.


Will join. Same generic payment / state channel problem.


also interested. Johann Barbie - doing research on Plasma and State Channels.


I want to join. My team is implementing Data Availability solution for Plasma EVM. But our flight arrives Oct 27th, 4PM. Is it possible to delay a day? or late night would be good.


Hi everyone, our team at Lucidity is interested.

We’ve recently introduced our mechanism called Plasma Bank for non-custodial fund management with a sidechain that has generalized state transitions.

Would love to chat more and learn from everyone!


Guys - have you found a place for this ? If not, we (Skale Labs) could sponsor it …


If schedule works out would like to attend but as a silent observer. I am the Principal Solution Architect for a non-financial related fortune 100. While you all are participating parties on development, engineering and ultimately future state design of the platform and associated tool structure, I would be considered a proxy product owner, responsible for building potential tools/dapps to meet customer requirements leveraging the public permissionless protocol.

I love all of you, but engineers in a vacuum have a potential to pontificate on technical specifications that are the 10% issue vs the 90% minium set. I am interested in the MVP (minimum viable product) aspect of things to start tactical testnets that could prove potential future implementations … but need an basic understanding technically where things are at.

Cheers and see some of you in Prague.


Hey everyone,

Added a poll in the OP regarding date (@philosopher, @skilesare). Please fill it asap so we can book a venue. Perhaps @kladkogex can help with this?

Here’s a tentative format:

  • Unconference lasts ~1/2 a day
  • Single, large round table (ideally we are under 30 participants)
  • Short presentations (~10 mins) by interested parties followed by discussion (20-30 mins)
  • Presentation should present the system used, why data availability is a problem in this context and the solution being used for now (if any).
  • Presentations are sorted by topic similarities to optimize discussion flow

The focus should be on discussions and not on presentations, where presentations should simply provide content to be discussed. We could also record the event, if participants are interested.

Please comment on this format below.


Thanks for the interest! I would personally love to allow everyone in, but current format might restrict number of attendances, in which case priority would be given to people that will participate in the discussions and research.

That being said, if we don’t reach the quota (perhaps 30-40 people), you would be more than welcomed! Otherwise, we are thinking about recording the whole event (or at least some of the presentations), so there is always the possibility of learning about the current state of things this way without being physically present.


Completely understandable and with limited seating and given the subject matter, probably best to have contributing parties to the research have priority. The perspective I would be bringing would be from implementation when pertaining to ideal real world use cases of the application layer that would be consuming the services provided on the infrastructure design you are planning. While they would not have a direct correlation, specifically, it may give some level of insight to extecential use cases that are not shrouded in the typical fiduciary use cases.

I will keep track of the thread and see if the planets align on participating. Cheers


I’m going to go ahead and remove my name from the list of attendees. Don’t know how to do that, but that should open up a seat. Cheers.


I voted for Oct 27 since our team is going to be there for status hackaton

We will check for alternative venues … it looks like there is a co-working space near the convention center that has conference rooms for rent


I would like to join the workshop as well :slight_smile:


It seems like there is no good way to notify people in this tread, so I will try to ping everyone that expressed interest so far : @josojo @kladkogex @bitsbetrippin @therevoltingx @philosopher @johba @liam @nginnever @yondonfu @vitaliygataulin

We are trying to finalize the details for this unconference, so please read the following :

  • If you haven’t done it already, please vote for best date to hold this event in the original post
  • If you can’t attend, please let us know as soon as possible

Considering the current format, we would ask people interested in participating to make a brief presentation. Not everyone needs to present, but hopefully we should have enough. Presentations should …

  • Last around 10 minutes
  • Present the system used
  • Explain why data availability is a problem in this context
  • Explain the solution being used for now (if any)

If you want to present, please briefly describe your presentation. Again, this is an unconference and the presentation are really only a mean to provide content for the discussions. Please try to tell us if you want to make a presentation by commenting below, before October 22nd.

Lastly, a poll on whether you want this event to be filmed or not :

  • I am OK with the entire event being recorded (video & audio)
  • I am OK with only the presentations being recorded, but not the discussions
  • I do not want my presentation to be filmed, but others are OK
  • I do not want anything to be recorded, but written transcripts are OK
  • No recording nor transcripts.

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I can only ping 10 users max per post, sorry for the spam :frowning: : @skilesare @barryWhiteHat @gakonst @mkoeppelmann @yahgwai @gluk64 @ChainSafe @terence


My personal preference is the 2nd or 29th. There will be two of us attending.



I am also interested in joining. From our team martin and alex are already participating. In case there is more demand than supply, I would opt out.


I’d like to join the meeting. Particular interest in Plasma.