Decentralized Math Cup

We are thinking about organizing a “Decentralized Math Cup” - a open competition for college students.

This would be similar to ACM competitions but focused on problems related to distributed computing algorithms.

The first cup will be organized in Odessa, Ukraine tentatively at the end of summer 2018.

Currently the idea is to have half of problems related to smart contracts (Ethereum will be used as a platform).

The other half of problems will be related to decentralized Byzantine-tolerant computing. To solve a problem you would need to design an agent that would run in multiple instances. (think about a simple casper-like validator set, a simple PBFT-like cluster etc.)

I am interested in gathering ideas related to the Decentralized Math Cup (problems, grading frameworks etc.). Our company will be sponsoring it (the first one should not cost much), but it would be great to find people willing to cosponsor it.

Also interested in ideas for problems - if you come up with an interesting problem please send it to me privately