DGPL - Decentralized GNU Public License for Proof of Stake systems

Proof of Stake systems, like ETH2, in general do not have enough protection against the natural tendency of concentrating most of the stake in a handful of large validators. The centralization tendency itself is a consequence of economies of scale and branding.

SKALE is interested in researching how amendments to GPL on Proof of Stake clients can be used to prevent centralization.

Possible amendments to include in the license:

  • restrictions on the amount of stake the validator can control (say 1% maximum)
  • restrictions on malicious behavior
  • other things

What is important is that the amendments need to be compatible with GPL itself

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This is an interesting idea. However, it’s not clear whether this can work in practice, considering stuff like validator privacy and the whole “permissionless ethos”. In the case of validator privacy, percentages of how much stake a validator owns or where they are based might be unknown. How would such a license tackle that?