Distributed Infrastructure for Common Good

Hi, hope this is a good place to share this information with the Ethereum research community. We are organizing an academic workshop co-located with Middleware conference ‘Distributed Infrastructure for Common Good’ in November: DICG 2022

The original motivation for our workshop was to engage and connect distributed systems researchers concerned about social impact of their work. Given that Ethereum ecosystem is one of the most vibrant communities for such a research we thought that DICG would be a natural fit for many of the research topics discussed here. In my experience topics of p2p, networking, and distributed systems are also getting more attention among Ethereum researchers and developers recently, so maybe you could find engagement with others working on these topics valuable.

The workshops is purely academic event without any commercial affiliations. The scope is mostly defined by the host computer science conference, so we primarily invite practical research on systems implementations. But security and formal analysis are also within the scope. Participation is paper-based, so we would be happy to welcome short papers (6 pages, 10pt ACM SIGPLAN) presenting your research.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them as replies to this post, or send an email to the organizers at the workshop webpage.

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