Draft Proposal for a Token List Standard for L1s,L2s, and Sidechains

The EEA Community Project’s L2 WG has drafted a proposal for a standard for a Token List for L1s, L2s, and Sidechains to address the current ecosystem problem of defining and listing of tokens on any Layer 1 (L1), Layer 2 (L2), and Sidechain systems because there needs to be a consensus on the “canonical” token on chain B that corresponds to some token on chain A. When one wants to bridge token X from chain A to chain B, one must create some new representation of the token on chain B. It is worth noting that this problem is not limited to L2s – every chain connected via bridges must deal with the same issue.

The L2 WG would like to solicit input from everyone in the wider Ethereum ecosystem interested to contribute to this proposal and ensure that when the standard is released, it will be widely adopted.

Looking forward to the community feedback,
the L2 WG