ElGamal encryption, decryption, and rerandomization, with circom support

MACI anonymization requires ElGamal cryptographic functions in zero knowledge. Support for anonymization in MACI will come sometime in the future, but I took a stab at implementing its required building blocks:

This library implements ElGamal encryption, decryption, and rerandomization in Typescript for the BabyJub elliptic curve. It also provides decryption and rerandomization circuits written in circom.

A quick note about how it encodes plaintext. We define a plaintext value as a BigInt in the BabyJub finite field. To encrypt it, we need to first convert it into a safe BabyJub elliptic curve point. Instead of using a map-to-curve function, the encodeToMessage function generates a random value r, computes g ^ {r}, and outputs both g ^ {r} and the x-increment e that must be added to the plaintext to obtain the x-value of g ^ {r}.

The ciphertext is therefore two elliptic curve points and one field element: (c_1, c_2, e).

After decrypting (c_1, c_2) to obtain the elliptic curve point m, we convert it to the original plaintext by computing m_x - e where m_x is the x-coordinate of m.

Iā€™d love any feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks to @kobigurk, @snjax, and others in the iden3 Telegram group for their help.

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