Enhancing the competitive edge of LST by expanding the use cases of new LSTs

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To mitigate Lido’s dominance in the market and encourage a more competitive landscape, it is crucial to introduce additional LST protocols. However, the obstacle arises from the practicality of these new LSTs, specifically their difficulty in seamlessly integrating with the Chainlink oracle. This challenge significantly hinders their inclusion in lending, borrowing, and stablecoin protocols.

One method to streamline the integration of these new LSTs could be leveraging LSDFi. By consolidating the new LSTs into LSDFi tokens, these pioneering LSTs could indirectly offer assistance to lending and stablecoin protocols.

I encourage further dialogue and exploration of alternative strategies that might present more efficient avenues to seamlessly integrate these groundbreaking LSTs into lending and stablecoin protocols.

Your valuable insights and contributions to this discussion are greatly appreciated and encouraged.

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