Ethereum Governance Survey


I’ve created an Ethereum Governance Survey to gain more accurate data on the community’s perspectives on Ethereum governance (to capture the quiet majority as well as the loud minority).

As the Ethereum ecosystem grows and stakeholders become more emotionally and financially invested, it’s vital that we inform ourselves on the true views of disparate members of the community, to inform future decision making processes. The intentions of the survey are to:

  • Gain diverse community perspectives (eg. researchers, devs, miners, investors etc!)
  • Derive accurate sentiment analysis (better signal to noise)
  • Provide a channel for anonymous communication

The survey takes inspiration from last year’s EIP0 Shared Values Survey by Status and the ability for data-driven efforts to impact how we collaborate on both technical and political challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. The results of the Ethereum Governance Survey will be open sourced and published into a report. Note: this is NOT an official survey.

Please take ~10 min to fill it out and share with your peers! The more responses, the more representative the data. :rainbow: Feedback welcome!