Ethereum integration for Unreal Engine 4



I want to start a topic to discuss what kind of features would be useful for game engine-powered projects (games, simulators, enterprise stuff), which utilized Ethereum blockchain for different purposes (like ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens or logic, implemented in smart contracts).

I’m interested in this because I recently released “Etherlinker” - open source project, which will allow you to interact with Ethereum blockchain from Unreal Engine 4. Now I’m searching ways on how to improve it.

Some features, which I already implemented in this project:

  • Contract deployment support
  • ETH transfer support
  • Wallet balance checking support
  • Wallet creation support
  • Custom solidity contracts support
  • ERC20 token contract template with Premium Items and Subscriptions support
  • ERC721 token contract template to make unique in-game entities, like pets
  • Donations contract template - raise funds for your projects without paying commissions to third-party providers
  • Execute multiple operations on Ethereum blockchain from UE4 with a single batch request
  • Lots of ways to create or load Ethereum wallets.
  • Data encryption methods on both UE4 and integration server sides (SSL, AES-256, RSA, ECDSA, HMAC)
  • Infura Network/Geth/Parity support

You can read more about the project here:

Some features, which might be useful to implement in future:

  • Find a way to speed up transactions (Plasma support?)
  • Implement an example of VR Shop, where people can preview and order real things
  • Hardware wallets support

Would be glad to hear any other ideas or features.