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Email login was enabled during the last time we restored the system. To mitigate spam and impersonator attacks, we decide to disable email login again and you can only log in with GitHub account.

If you were using email login, don’t worry! Please register a GitHub account with the same email to log in, your previous posts and account content would remain unchanged.


Should we just dogfood and enable logging in with an ethereum account? I remember @virgil or @Ping had a prototype for log-in-with-ETH on discourse?


It’s still on our radar! I think one of pending issues that @virgil wanted to solve with ENS team is how to handle ENS transfer for authorization on discourse side, or even on ENS side.

A future issue is how the merge people’s current discourse account and new Eauth login account gracefully.

Interesting issues, we can introduce Eauth now if we sacrifice some (?) UX though.

Just as discourse supports linking and login via Github, cannot the eauth login be added optionally, so that both github and eauth work at the same time?

We can have multiple authorization options at the same time.

If we have both email login and GitHub oauth (as status-quo), and they can be merged together automatically well since the GitHub account identifier is the email you used to register GitHub account.

But for Eauth case, since you don’t register your Ethereum address / ENS with an email address, it will create a new discourse account when you use Eauth login. (@Ping please correct me if I’m wrong!)

I see. But wouldn’t it be possible to add a field for “ENS name” in discourse (like now there’s the email field + github link) so the linking happens?

Alternatively (though I am not a big fan due to the privacy aspect) EIP-634 could be used to link an ENS record to an email.

Successfully logged in with it.

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By ENS transfer you mean what happens if an ENS name is transferred to another account? Wouldn’t the natural answer be “well, for future logins start verifying signatures against that new account instead of the current one”? What’s the problem?

I believe we can add ENS name (or, ETH account) field in discourse. And then, we need to ask the GitHub login user to manually update that field to claim that “the one who has this ENS name / ETH account is me”. So when the user uses Eauth login later, it will be able to bind to the existing account.

Right, adding the email field in ENS can also solve the password recovery issue on discourse! I understand why we may be against it, we are trying to dogfood with a decentralized solution, but we still want the email system to prevent a user from losing their properties forever. :sweat_smile:


I think the authentication follows the authorized controller of the ENS name, and use ENS name as the default handle name? It doesn’t take ENS as the first-class when searching for an associated account (ping @Ping to verify it).

@virgil suggests that we can use by default, but at present ethmail seems not so well functioned and decentralized. :cry:

In Eauth scenario, account address is the primary key. And for ENS you need to not only own an ENS but also set it as your address’s reverse lookup name, then it would be displayed as your nickname.

BTW, Eauth supports contract address login with EIP1271. I highly recommend this one. You can have multiple authenticate keys, timelock, social recovery, and lots of good stuff, without overhead to the platform. :mage: :mage: :mage:
Login with: Gnosis safe / Argent / Authereum / Dapper / etc

Discourse + Eauth prototype:


I definitely like eauth!


Hi, I’ve build Cryptoauth and I have working plugin for discord that enabled authentication with Ethereum address. Let me know if you would be interested in experimenting with it.

Working example:

It also has ability to limit logins to only those addresses that hold certain tokens. Example:

@Ping nice work with Eauth! I would love Cryptoauth to look like this :slight_smile:

I’m also the person behind ETHMail so if you need something done with it let me know :wink:

You can find discord plugin at It’s a fork that creates users in the background instead of asking people to confirm creating users.

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