Fast Multiparty Threshold ECDSA possible on Ethereum today?

I just came across this paper when discussing multi-signature schemes that do not involve smart contracts and instead would work on protocol-level today. I’m wondering if anyone is doing research and development in that direction as it would save us a lot of multisig pains. It seems that the it is possible to run such a setup on consumer hardware today.

Some motivations:

  1. Much more gas efficient multi-signature transactions
  2. Much more efficient multisig setup: Today, deploying 1000 multi-sigs would be super expensive. Taking 1000 keys to obtain 1000 threshold addresses would not require any on-chain activity at all.

@omershlo and KZen already did a great effort to implement the before mentioned threshold ECDSA paper. Have a look here. Also you might be interested in this mixer protocol which uses threshold ECDSA. We’ve recently published it on e-print. See that here.



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