Finding test net Node address


Can someone please tell me the address of a reliable Casper Test Net node? I am trying to connect to one and it appears that all the addresses I find online (including the one here are not working.


hi please try the following ones. Also note that we are doing some update to source code and will launch a new testnet soon.



If I do not want to run a node but just want to query the casper contract, what IP/Port could I use as an argument to HTTPProvider() call in the “Just taking a look” portion of these instructions:


Hi, I tried all three addresses on different computers and I keep getting sync fail errors. Is there something I am doing wrong?


Hi, for HTTPProvider please try curl

But the pyethapp does not sync well, the service might not be stable.


This port/IP seem to work, but I am getting an error when I call casper.get_base_penalty_factor(). Looks like the decimal type isn’t supported? Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is there some other way I can access this value?


@djrtwo any thoughts on if the issue w/ decimal type is what you ran into?

#8 does not currently support decimal10 so yes, this will not work. Not sure if whoever wrote the instructions fully tested the support. Here is the issue in’s github.

Not sure if anyone is working on it currently. If you are inspired, drop a line in the issue and pick it up!


@terry.rossi Sorry due to the lack of the decimal10 type support, the get_base_penalty_factor is supposed to extracted from a synced node’s console.

>> from import tester
>> casper = tester.ABIContract(tester.State(eth.chain.state), casper_abi, '0xbd832b0cd3291c39ef67691858f35c71dfb3bf21')

By the way, the base_penalty_factor, which is 0.0001, is initialized here with function signature here, and is not changed after initialization.

In case you need some historical data, here is the dump I extracted recently


Would you please send me 1500 Ether for test? I mined a whole day, only got a little more than 3 ether. My address is 0x146a1a572219Fd5D076bF87f4Ca247567ca76634 .


done. but FYI, due to a bug, currently the contract is not able to take new deposits. we will launch the new testnet soon.