Free EVM transaction debugger/gas cost analyzer

Hi Everyone,

Our team has built a tool for EVM developers to enable fast and user-friendly debugging. In the nutshell it breaks down an EVM transaction into internal transactions and presents a lot of information about the parameters of the internal calls. We’ve been using it internally in RumbleFish for a while now and I believe the next step is to open it up and get feedback from the community.

The tool is free to use (and will remain so) and I encourage you to try it and share your feedback. We also welcome new feature/enhancement ideas. Currently, we support Ethereum, Goerli, Polygon, Mumbai, and Sepolia but in time we plan to extend support to other networks.

  • The tool is available here.
  • You can add your improvement ideas here.
  • To report a bug click here.
  • To give feedback, please reply in this thread.

Thank you