From Ethereum keys to PGP communications

I am pondering ways to communicate with the Ethereum address owners safely. We start from the assumption that we know the Ethereum address and email address of the person (voluntarily reported).

Because I do not want to create yet another instant messaging protocol, people are already using email and PGP is somewhat working, I was wondering would it be possible to

  • Make users convert their Ethereum private keys to PGP compatible keys (e.g. with a web based client side tool or static HTML/JS bundle) so that they can receive PGP encrypted emails

  • Send email to users, encrypted with a PGP key derived from Ethereum public key (that is probably picked up from the blockchain from the associated transfer to the address)

I believe that PGP supports secp256k1 signatures now, so you could do it if you want.

Thank you. I’ll explore how widespread secp256k1 support in PGP is, in the mail clients.