Gas price table


Hello this is Sandro

I am working on the gas pricing paper with Virgil.

In working on this paper, what is the current gas-price for every elementary operation? The best I’ve found is at:

Is there something more complete than this?

#2 Page 20 (Appendix G) is where to start, keep reading through Appendix H. Of course, this document is 100% un-consumable by mere mortals which makes it largely useless. :confused: I would love it if there was an actually consumable version of that document.


I put this spreadsheet together

I’m planning on getting this into a git repo and handling updates/versions. Will post back here if/when that happens.

Note: This version of the spreadsheet does not reflect any changes that are being made for Metropolis.


neat, that summarizes it well. Thank you!


Here is the original spreadsheet that we used to calculate the gas costs:


@aserev Interested in helping with paper. Check DM in discourse.


As a higher level research comment, this is why readable language defs can be nice. Here’s the KEVM interpretation of the current fee schedule:

And the pyethereum implementation:


Just ported that google spreadsheet to a github repo

I’ll be tracking yellow paper changes and creating new versions for releases (like metropolis).