Gas price table

Hello this is Sandro

I am working on the gas pricing paper with Virgil.

In working on this paper, what is the current gas-price for every elementary operation? The best I’ve found is at:

Is there something more complete than this? Page 20 (Appendix G) is where to start, keep reading through Appendix H. Of course, this document is 100% un-consumable by mere mortals which makes it largely useless. :confused: I would love it if there was an actually consumable version of that document.

I put this spreadsheet together

I’m planning on getting this into a git repo and handling updates/versions. Will post back here if/when that happens.

Note: This version of the spreadsheet does not reflect any changes that are being made for Metropolis.

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neat, that summarizes it well. Thank you!

Here is the original spreadsheet that we used to calculate the gas costs:

@aserev Interested in helping with paper. Check DM in discourse.

As a higher level research comment, this is why readable language defs can be nice. Here’s the KEVM interpretation of the current fee schedule:

And the pyethereum implementation:


Just ported that google spreadsheet to a github repo

I’ll be tracking yellow paper changes and creating new versions for releases (like metropolis).


Is there any updated version of this table?

@shayan I’m working on one here. Slowly adding all of the gas costs, but it should have all opcodes through Istanbul / Muir Glacier.

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That’s great, much needed.
Let me know when you think it’s complete enough to send the link on Eth Security groups :slight_smile:

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@shayan I finally got around to updating this, so it should be current now. That being said, any inaccuracies that folks can flag up are much appreciated.

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