Go-ethereum network DoS, but main net is not vulnerable. Why?



the full description of the problem is here

go-ethereum devs says, that it is safe behaviour (it’s quite strange statment).

This behaviour could not be reproduced on the main net. So it seems that main net uses different pending block creation rules. Could you please explain this rules, or where I can read about it?

Thank you.


This is the from the yellowpaper

Note the final condition; the sum of the transaction’s
gas limit, Tg, and the gas utilised in this block prior, given
by `(BR)u, must be no greater than the block’s gasLimit,

So the security problem is in the yellow paper. On the other hand
miners can enforce additional restrictions since it is in their interest
to maximize gas earned.

Thats what they probably do on the main net, the question is where is it implemented in the source code.


Dear @kladkogex
Thank you for your reply.

the question is where is it implemented in the source code.

Could you please recommend the right place to ask about implementation of this kind of software?


I think you need to talk to miners of the main net. They create blocks.
They may use special purpose software - not geth default, or geth with non-default parameters … Theoretically miners include whatever they deem good for themselves subject to the contstraint of block gas limit.