How can validators in a PoS network efficiently hide their IP addresses

Is it possible for validators in a PoS network to hide their IP addresses without causing issues?

There has been some work done on this in the past. Namely, this proposal by the Pegasys R&D team and this proposal by me to use Dandelion++. There are other proposals in this no longer used github repo (see the issues for the proposals).

I am currently working on anonymity networking for PoS networks. I’ll try to have some more thoughts and criteria posted on here in the next month.


You can pretty much use any anonymizer VPN

No you can’t. PoS validators are sensitive to both latency and bandwidth. If such a validator uses any VPN, they are making themselves susceptible to slashing.

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Thanks for your reply Mikerah! I think indeed both Pegasys’s proposal or your twist of Dandelion++ make associating IP addresses with public keys difficult. But since the set of all IP addresses is still exposed/public, in an extreme case the government can simply take out all the validators using their public IP information. What measures do you think might address this issue?

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This is still an open question! Potential solutions include using onion/garlic routing or mix nets.