Incentivizing Waste Reduction (IWR) / WasteLess

Summary: WasteLess proposes to use a weight machine to measure the net weight of a general waste bin, and charge the bin’s rate payer on a per kg basis for this waste, in order to incentivize waste reduction. The weight machine can be mounted in a garbage truck, or portable one could be used e.g. with garbage loader crews (which would be better suited for rear and front loaders rather than side loaders). The latter method would be less efficient, less capital-intensive, and more labour-intensive (probably with an associated higher operational cost). Bins could be locked to prevent dumping in others’ bins, and unlocked efficiently e.g. with Bluetooth technology. Cryptographic database systems like Holochain could be used for transparency, auditability, scalability, security, etc. The technology works best in tandem with multiple specialized waste collection bins, such as for recycling, organics, and recyclable soft plastics such as those found in Redcycle bins.

What do you think of the proposal at Would you like to see councils trial it and incentivize you to waste less? Are there any ways you think it could be improved?

Could we solve the problems of reducing waste and incentivizing waste reduction in different, better ways that would make this approach obsolete or unnecessary? If so, how?

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