Introducing the Flint Programming Language for ewasm


Last year the safer blockchain programming language Flint was developed. With the support of our friends in the Ethereum Foundation, the development of Flint has continued. There is a new compiler (hence Flint-2) written in Rust. Flint-2 has support for communication between contracts, possibly written in different languages.

Flint targeted Solidity (via Yul) whereas Flint-2 has been designed to be used with multiple backend targets. Flint-2 currently has Libra and an Ethereum (ewasm) backends. As the targeted backends are currently under active development, to provide a usable compiler, Flint-2 needs to track the development.

We are looking for like-minded people to join our development effort. There are many different directions this work could go, and some might be suitable for a masters capstone or individual project.

Please get in touch, if our description of Flint-2 looks promising to you, and you like working on compilers. Just email and we can discuss potential collaborations.