Keeper for Ethereum transactions


I’ve been working with Ethereum infrastructure for years (dapps, smart-contracts, security).
Every single day, all these years I myself, my clients and my partners spend time finding an answer to the same repetitive question: “ What did happen to the transaction I sent?”.

So, I’ve developed a system for myself and my partner’s use. This system does:

  • Keeps the transactions that were sent,
  • Monitors the transactions,
  • Displays statuses of the transactions and shows errors if any in a web interface.

I’m thinking to make access to this system public. So, now I’m checking my idea that the system can be interesting for many. I created a small website for data gathering. If you are interested, please leave your email address via the website

or you can checkin in comments below.

And you are always welcome to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter.

Your feedback and questions are very welcome!

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