Kicking off the Better ICOs category

Two talks for those interested in such things:

I predict there will be a lot of growth in this space over the next year.


Another take for the better ICO category is provided on the the paper An Optimal ICO Mechanism. It’s significantly different and better from other ICO mechanisms:

(1) It’s an iterative, truthful, revenue-maximizing mechanism designed to prevent underpricing. One way to think about it is as a better Dutch auction without underpricing. Truthfulness is one of its essential features: the best option for participants is to reveal their true valuation and not to play games to get a better deal; this should be key to value projects for which there aren’t any comparables yet available.
(2) Its components has been tested in real world settings (i.e., not playing experiments with other people’s money).
(3) It has been implemented: you can check the smart contracts and the web interface (Calctopia-OpenSource/Optimal-ICO-Mechanism).

“Interactive Coin Offering” focuses on a specific definition of fairness and “An Optimal ICO Mechanism” focuses on truthfulness: they should be judiciously used depending on the project.

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Hi guys. I am categorising ICO models in this doc -

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